Unveiling the Dark Tale of Katherine Knight: A Disturbing Chronicle of Murder and Mutilation (2023)


In the annals of crime history, few stories are as chilling and gruesome as that of Katherine Mary Knight. Born on October 24, 1955, in Tenterfield, Australia, Knight's life was marred by a tumultuous upbringing that ultimately culminated in a horrific crime that shocked the world.

A Chaotic Childhood

Knight's early years were marked by scandal, with her birth resulting from an affair between her mother, Barbara Roughan, and her father, Ken Knight. Raised in an environment of violence and abuse, Knight's father, a violent alcoholic, subjected her mother to multiple rapes. The young Knight herself claimed to be a victim of sexual assault by several family members until the age of 11.

From Bully to Butcher

Known as a schoolyard bully, Knight abandoned formal education at 15 to work in a clothing factory. Her destiny took a macabre turn when she secured a job at a slaughterhouse, a position she embraced with such enthusiasm that she hung her first set of butcher's knives over her bed.

A Marriage Marked by Violence

Knight's romantic life was no less tumultuous. Her first marriage to David Kellett was characterized by violence and infidelity. Despite attempting to strangle Kellett on their wedding night, their union endured for a decade, witnessing disturbing incidents such as placing their infant on train tracks and threatening others with a stolen ax.

Toxic Relationships Unveiled

After a tumultuous breakup with Kellett, Knight engaged in a toxic romance with David Saunders. Their relationship reached horrifying depths when Knight slit the throat of Saunders' dingo puppy. Subsequent relationships with John Chillingworth and an affair with John Charles Thomas Price only added to the string of violent connections in Knight's life.

Escalating Violence with John Price

Knight's relationship with John Price began smoothly but took a dark turn when she suggested marriage, and he declined. Fueled by jealousy, Knight framed Price for theft, leading to his firing. The violence escalated, culminating in a restraining order against Knight. Price, fearing for his life, confided in friends that if he went missing, Knight was to blame.

The Gruesome Culmination

On February 29, 2000, Knight's violent tendencies reached a horrifying peak. After a heated argument, she stabbed Price 37 times. The brutality continued as she skinned and decapitated him, intending to serve his remains to his own children. Price's coworkers, alarmed by his absence, alerted the police, who discovered the macabre crime scene.

Trial and Sentencing

In October 2001, Knight faced trial for Price's murder. Astonishingly, she changed her plea to guilty, leading to a life sentence without parole—the first such sentence for a woman in Australia. Despite maintaining her innocence, Knight's appeal was swiftly denied, and she remains incarcerated at Silverwater Women's Correctional Centre.


Katherine Knight's horrifying tale stands as a dark chapter in criminal history, revealing the depths of human depravity. The shocking details of her life and the gruesome murder of John Price continue to captivate and disturb those who delve into this unsettling narrative.


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